About us | Rosa Enola

Rosa Enola produces one of a kind, life inspired bracelets and earrings. All our products is made with pure love and a sincere passion for working with quality materials. 

Rosa Enola is not just yet another jewelry shop, we truly stand out with our passion and we want to create new thinking designs with lots of colors, which result in fascinating and original products.

Sometimes we work day and night to make a deadline, but as said, it is our passion, and all the good energy shines from our products. We want you as a costumer to become truly happy with our service and our products. And we hope that you will fall in love with the shapes and colors of our handmade products, just like we do it every day. 

Our production
Our production is placed in Denmark, it is small, and everything is handmade. If your desired product is out of stock, please come back in a couple of days, or contact us (rosaenolashop@gmail.com) to get an estimated delivery. We kindly remind you that this is for our bracelets only, as we only make one unique pair of every set of earrings. That also means that if you fall in love with a pair, its not enough to put it in your cart, it is yours when you have made the payment - so there will be no misunderstandings. 

Gold and allergens
Our earrings is made of 925 silver with golden plating. Our "gold" beads is made of Hematite stone. We take pride in saying that we do not use any cheap alloy or plastic materials. We will never use any known allergenic materials.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you with any kind of questions. We want happy customers, and we do our very best to be at your service.